I work one day a week at the Wonder Bread factory. I kneed bread. That’s all I do. I work Tuesdays from 4 am till noon. I love my job. I’m exhilarated by the smell of yeast. I’m enthralled by the warm feeling of dough between my fingers. I enjoy taking home a fresh loaf and making a tuna fish sandwich. I’m thrilled when I look in the mirror of my bathroom and see the powder of flour on my face.

One of my friends asked me, “If you like your job so much, how come you only do it one day a week?”

I said, “If I did it more often, I wouldn’t notice.”

They said, “But then you’d have more money and life wouldn’t be so hard.”

I took out a slice of Wonder Bread and ate it plain. I liked the feeling of dough in my mouth.

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