The Day’s Discoveries

I went out for a walk today along the Santa Cruz pier. I looked over the edge and saw a bunch of sea lions swimming in the water. They reminded me of dogs, the way they barked and played. I love dogs. I jumped off the pier and landed amidst the sea lions. I played with them like dogs. I chased them, they chased me. I pet the top of their heads.

They dove under the water. I followed them. They went hunting for lunch. They found a school of flounder and began devouring them. I was so excited that I joined in. I couldn’t believe how delicious it was!

When we were done eating, we laid out on the parallel wooden posts under the pier and took a nap. I felt peaceful.

When I awoke, I was shivering and felt cold to my bones. I realized I wasn’t meant to be a sea creature. I need warm clothes. I generally feel better on land. I said goodbye to my sea lion buddies.

I went back home. I went to the fridge and found a fresh salmon steak. I unwrapped it. I was going to prepare it for the oven, but instead found myself taking a bite of the raw meat. It didn’t taste good. So I added herbs and oil and put it in a pan in the oven. In a half hour I took it out and ate it. It was pretty good!

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