On the Road

I was driving to Michigan yesterday morning. I was on the freeway, going along pretty well, until traffic came to a halt. After an hour it still hadn’t moved. I got frustrated. I got out of my car and walked to see if I could find out what was happening.

It turns out some forest animals had built a blockade of trees across the freeway. Standing by the trees was a badger, two bears, six antelope, 3 armadillos, 5 raccoons, an eagle, and 15 mice. They had enough of the freeway noise and used their methods to put a stop to it. People were yelling at the animals. The animals were refusing to budge.

I said, “You know, it is a lot quieter without the traffic. I think they have a valid point.”

But then I thought to myself, “I wonder if I said that because I’m so captivated by animals?”

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