I Dreamt of….

I drive a truck across the country, delivering cheese to various super markets. I like the time to myself. It’s meditative to feel the road beneath the truck’s wheels, and to see trees off in the distance, and to feel the sway of the wind against the truck.

Though the relaxation can be dangerous. Recently I fell asleep at the wheel. I dreamnt I was friends with a dragon. The dragon could fly, but since he was my friend, he would walk places with me. We’d walk to the store together. We’d walk to the movies.

Once when we were walking, the dragon saw that I was about to step into a hole on the sidewalk, and he stopped me.

I woke up, with my foot on the break. I heard my truck screaching. I saw a school bus in front of me. They had stopped to repair a flat tire. The school bus was filled with kids. My truck skidded and swayed. It stopped a few feet from the side of the school bus.

I got out to make sure everyone was okay. Some of the kids were crying. The teachers on board the bus were letting them know it was all okay.

I got on the bus and apoligized to the kids.

One of the kids smiled at me. He was drawing a picture in his notebook. It was of a guy walking with a dragon.

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