I went to the bank to get a loan for repairs that I wanted to make to my garage. They said that my credit rating was too low. I was disappointed. They could tell and said that if I opened a new checking account and deposited $100, I would get a toaster. I couldn’t believe my luck! I signed up. They gave me the toaster.

Later that night I came home. My wife asked if I got the loan. I said no. She was sad. She went to the kitchen window and looked out at the garage. There was a loud sound, followed by an explosion. She grimaced. She said the garage’s roof caved in and landed on our car causing the gas tank to explode and the garage was on fire.

She asked how come I had a smile on my face. I showed her the toaster. Her face opened up into a smile and she embraced me. We danced in the glow of the light of the flames.

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