Botanical Gardens

I was feeling weary from work today and I st0pped by the Botanical Gardens to get some peace of mind. I went to the summer gardens section. They area was filled with blooming, colorful flowers. I began to feel better. I felt so peaceful that I took off all of my clothes and ran naked around the gardens.

A family came by and were surprised to see my naked dancing body. The father shouted at me to put my clothes back on. But then his kids took off their clothes and ran around naked too. They were followed by his wife. They coaxed him to follow suit. He did.

A group of tourists came by. Some of them were rankled. But others weren’t and stripped and ran around the flowers. The others felt they were now out of place and they got naked too.

More people kept coming by, and the story repeated itself.

Soon there were about a hundred of us joyfully dancing naked amidst the summer blooming.

Security came by, sirens wailing, walkie-talkies a blazing, and they began shouting, and…well, you know the story.

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