I looked out my window and saw a robin trying to build a nest in a tree. It was having difficulty getting the pieces of grass and sticks to stay together. Parts of the nest would fall off. The robin flew down, picked up pieces and tried again. Eventually it stopped and stood on the branch. Its beak hang open. It’s eyes were glazed over. It was exhausted.

The robin looked over at me. I smiled. The robin looked at it’s attempt of a nest and looked back at me and shrugged its shoulders.

I took the screen off my window. I motioned the robin towards me. It waited a second to make sure. Then the robin flew into my apartment.

I moved some books off my book shelf. I took an old t-shirt and I put it in the vacant space. The robin flew onto the open shelf. It walked onto the t-shirt, adjusting it with its beak. The robin laid down, got comfortable and fell asleep.

I’m typing softly so as not to wake it.

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