Fixing It

I woke with a limp in my right leg.

I thought back to last night to see what might be the cause. “Let’s see, I sleep on the top level of a bunk bed and I woke up in the middle of the night and I forgot to use the ladder and fell off and landed on my right leg. But earlier in the evening I was talking on the phone with my girlfriend and I got tangled up in the phone cord and I tripped and fell down the basement stairs. But then previously I went to the mailbox and and sifted through the day’s mail and I looked down and saw the boulder I had ordered had arrived and I carried it to the backyard and when I found the spot that I wanted it at, I dropped the boulder but it landed against my right ankle. I wonder…”

I rubbed my ankle. It was sore.

Then I remembered earlier yesterday when my car broke down while driving on the tollway. I couldn’t get cell phone reception. I decided to take a short cut through the woods. I walked for miles. I got lost and was exhausted and dehydrated. I decided to drink from a stream. I was sipping away when I looked to my right and saw a caribou lapping away. I’d never seen a caribou. It was huge. We both finished drinking.

The caribou said, “I haven’t seen you around here. Are you lost?”

I said, “Yes. Could you help me? I need to find a service station.”

The caribou said, “Of course. Get on.”

I climbed on its back. We rode for a couple of miles. The caribou stopped at the edge of the woods. In the clearing I saw a service station. The caribou lowered to the ground. I climbed off. I thanked the caribou. She wished me luck.

I walked to the service station. I told them my situation. The drove me in a tow truck to my car. They towed my car back and worked on it. I waited. I noticed there was a stone in my right shoe. I figured it came from the woods. I took off my shoe and shook out the stone. I noticed my right foot was red where the stone was rubbing against it. Maybe that’s the reason.

I decided to stop reminiscing about yesterday to try and find the culprit. I figured it would be easier to take care of my leg so it would feel better.

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