Change of Pace

Recently I took a job as the President of J. Walter Thompson. They are an advertising agency in Chicago. They do ads for Bayer and the Marines Corp. I had to approve ad campaigns and budgets and make policy decisions. The best part was my office was on the top floor with a view overlooking the lake. Sometimes I’d sit at my desk and look out the window for hours.

Yesterday I was looking out the window when I spotted a seal. They are a rare sight in Lake Michigan. It soon became apparent that the seal was looking up at me. I actually did one of those looking behind me to see if the seal was looking at someone else look. The seal shook its head and pointed its flipper at me.

I took my private elevator downstairs. I went outside and walked to the lake shore. I rented a canoe and paddled my way out to where the seal was. I got up next to the seal.

I said, “Yes?”

The seal said, “Jippy, don’t you recognize me?”

I looked and tried to remember. And then I thought, “Oh, yeah. I’m a seal. I took my current job for a change of pace.” I took off my suit revealing my seal body. I jumped into the lake and swam and ate fish. It was nice to be home.

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