I woke up this morning at 2 am. I heard some noises outside. I put on my bathrobe and went out to my backyard. I saw that the grass and trees and plants were having conversations with each other. They saw that I was looking at them and they stopped.

I said, “Hi, sorry to disturb you. I was sleeping and got woken up and I was just wondering if you could keep it down.”

The elm tree said, “Oh, we’re sorry. Sometimes we get excited about what we’re talking about and we forget.”

I said, “That’s okay. I understand. Well, good night.” I began to walk back.

A blade of grass said, “Um, one thing…could you perhaps water us a couple days a week rather than once? It’s just, you know, we can use it and we’ll be greener, and I think you’d like that.”

I said, “Yes, sure. I can do that…Anything else?”

A shrub said, “Yes, thanks for letting us live on your yard. It’s nice here.”

The willow tree said, “Yeah, thanks.”

I stood there and smiled. I walked to the middle of the backyard. I found a soft spot on the ground. I laid down. A patch of grass by my head sang a lullaby. I fell asleep.

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