What Was on TV

I sat down with my breakfast to watch TV. There was a movie on about a boy and a wolf. The boy was lost in the desert and the wolf helped him survive. The wolf helped him catch food and slept next to him at night to keep him warm. Sometimes they walked together and didn’t say anything.

Suddenly I realized it was night. The movie was still on. Ten hours had gone by. I was confused. What was this movie I was watching? I tried switching the channel but the movie didn’t change. I tried to turn the TV off, but it stayed on. I unplugged it. Nothing.

I sat back to watch the movie. The boy and the wolf sat by a fire. The wolf looked towards me. I breathed deeply. I got up and walked through the screen. I sat down on the ground. It was just me and the wolf. Soon the fire went out. I laid down to sleep. The wolf laid against me. I fell asleep.

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