Breakfast With Ambrose

This morning I was eating breakfast in the solarium when the ghost of Ambrose Bierce came in and sat down with me.

He said, “Good morning. I’m Ambrose Bierce. How are your eggs?”

I said, “They are delicious. And the potatoes are incredibly soft, yet firm.”

Ambrose said, “I could never cook the perfect potato. They were either hard or mushy.”

I said, “Believe it or not I microwaved these. I set it to six minutes and wait. Suddenly I get the inspiration to turn off the microwave. I take them out. They are majestic.”

Ambrose said, “I had the same ability with cauliflower. I put the vegetable in a pot of water. I started the fire. I would also wait. Then came the inspiration. I removed the pot from the fire. It was perfect. Many folks were astonished. I could never explain the mechanics behind the process.”

I cried. Ambrose waited till I finished.

Ambrose said, “Well, best of the day to you.”

I said, “You too.”

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