I have a part time job where I fish for clams on the bottom of Lake Michigan. I had to go through training to learn how to hold my breath underwater for five minutes at a time. Plus it took me a while to learn how to see and dig at the bottom of the lake. The coordination required is incredible.

I work Monday through Wednesday. I start around 5 am and work till 10 am. The company has a good incentive structure. I make $1 a clam. While digging I think of the things I want and how many clams it would take to afford it. Plus it’s great exercise.

I smell like fish the rest of the day. This bothers my girlfriend. I tried cologne but she can still smell it. I don’t know what to do since I really like being with her, but I also like my job. I’m thinking of asking her if she’d like to work with me. The company is looking for some new diggers. I’m hoping she reads this and thinks its a good idea.

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