Saturday’s Trip

I spent Saturday watching birds migrate over my backyard. I loved the feeling of freedom as I saw their outstretched wings soar over me.

I became so inspired that I got some wood out of my garage. I nailed them together in a long frame. I took the lawn mower engine off the mower and put it on the frame. I added the blades from our fan. I put two bamboo poles on each side of the frame and added sheets of the plastic wrap we use to winterize our windows. I put the pads from the summer lawn chairs on the frame. I turned on the engine, laid down on the frame, and took off in my mini plane!

I was quickly soaring over the homes in my neighborhood. Bob, who lives a block away, saw me. He couldn’t believe it! He shouted, “Brooks, you’re crazy!”

Pretty soon I was up there with a pack of geese. They fly with such grace and intensity. One of them looked over at me. I couldn’t tell if it was amazed or puzzled. In my mind I imagined I was a goose. I was with my geese friends. We were a team. We were flying to our new home.

After a few hours the geese sailed down to an open field. I landed with them. They poked in the grass with their beaks for worms. I laid on the grass and ate some licorice that I had packed in my jacket pocket. I guess I was kind of tired because I fell asleep. When I awoke, the geese were gone. I missed them. I also missed my family. I flew back home.

I laid down in my backyard. It felt good to be home. I watched the sky again. I heard distant honking. Suddenly another pack of geese flew over me. One of them looked down at me and winked. I got in my plane and started the engine.

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