Late Night Visitor

Last night I was woken by the Moon. It tapped on my window. I opened it.

I said, “Yes?”

The Moon said, “Are you awake?”

I said, “I am now.”

The Moon said, “Oh, I’m sorry to wake you. I’m hungry and I was wondering what you have to eat?”

I said, “I don’t go shopping until tomorrow, but I have a little almond butter left. And there’s tortillas and some slices of soy cheese. I could melt some for you.”

The Moon said, “Anything else?”

I said, “Um, eggs?”

The Moon said, “Yes!”

I cooked a quick omelet. I put it on a plate and set it outside on the windowsill. The Moon ate it.

I said, “Anything else?”

The Moon said, “Can we snuggle?”

I said, “Sure.”

The Moon came in, we snuggled, I fell back asleep.

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