This morning I got up early to work on my farm. I went to the Hen House. The hens had laid a good quantity of eggs overnight. But one of them had none.

I said, “Good morning, Dorthy. Is everything okay?”

Dorthy said, “Hello, Brooks. I’m done laying eggs.”

I said, “I thought you like it. Is something wrong?”

Dorthy said, “Nothing. But I want to do something else.”

I said, “What?”

Dorthy said, “Float in the lake.”

I said, “Okay”.

She followed me out the front door and we walked to the lake. She waddled into the water up to her chin. She looked uncertain.

I said, “Wait”.

I picked up an inflated inner tube that was sitting on the ground. I stepped into the water and put the tube around her. She put her wings over the edge. I gave the tube a push. She laid her head back, closed her eyes and felt the sun on her face. She smiled.

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