Ridin’ to the Show with Daisy

I rode my horse to last night’s comedy show. I like to breathe in a lot of fresh air before doing a show. I feel like I’m stocking up on oxygen.

People honked at me as I rode down Broadway. I think it made them happy to see a horse. Cars are convenient, but unnatural. Horses require more effort, but they are beautiful, living creatures.

The club supports me taking a horse to the show. They let me keep Daisy tied up at the bar and they give her a bale of hay to eat and enjoy.

I think Daisy likes my act. At certain points she will neigh with the audience as they laugh. This makes the audience laugh harder.

Sometimes I’ll bring her on stage. I’ll play my harmonica as she sways to its rhythm. Sometimes I pretend there is a mouse on stage and she playfully jumps up on a stool. I still don’t know how she’s able to balance.

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