Accidentally Seafaring

Usually before I perform my stand up comedy on Wednesday nights I take a stroll along the lake. It relaxes me and clears my mind.

I took this walk last night. I stopped for a brief moment to take a look out at the horizon. I was standing on some ice that was on the edge of the lake when the ice broke off and I began floating away to sea. I called for help but there was no one around to hear me.

The wind was strong and it blew me in an easterly direction. At first I was scared. But when I realized there was nothing I could do, I relaxed and enjoyed the ride on this mini iceberg.

A few hours later I ended up on the shores of Michigan. I got off the ice and walked for a little while. I ended up finding a tavern called The Village Green and I went in. They were having an open mic night. I signed up. They had a good variety of performers. There was a juggler, and a few poets, and an old guy who sang my favorite Roy Rogers song, “Just About North of the Rockies.”

I went on stage and told the story about my travels across the lake. People laughed and thought I was making it up. When I tried telling them it was true they laughed harder. I got angry and said I was going back home.

I left and walked to the shore. I noticed that the audience was following me. They thought it was part of my act. I got on my iceberg and pushed myself into the water. The audience was stunned. Some cried. One person apologized. There was a great applause. I waved and said thank you and sailed back home.

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