What I Found In the Alley

This morning I woke up unusually early. I had the thought to get out my shovel and go to the alleyway behind my apartment.

I began to dig through the asphalt. Three hours later I was twenty feet under the surface when I hit some wood. I kept at it and discovered that it was a boat. By now there were some onlookers to this process. They volunteered to help and got out their shovels. Soon the entire boat was uncovered and we had it up on the ground above us.

I climbed into the boat and looked around. I found a bowl with the name Noah on it. Now, I’m not religious in any way. My parents gave me a Bible when I was four and I read through the Old Testament and got bored and fell asleep. My parents were upset and I told them, “Look it could be true, but just because something’s true doesn’t make it interesting.”

Anyway, I talked amongst the others there and we figured it probably was Noah’s boat. But I decided that it belonged me to me now and I took my new found friends and the boat and we went for a ride on the lake.

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