My Experience Playing Football at the Super Bowl

I worked at the Super Bowl today. I had a job as a wide receiver. I was hired to catch passes from the quarterback. It was a fun job. It reminded me of when I used to toss the football around with my Dad in our backyard in Virginia.

It was great to be in Florida. Usually I live in Chicago. It was nice to get away from the snow for the weekend. The team called the Steelers flew me down there. They gave me a book of plays. I had to memorize 45 plays. That was the hardest part.

Once the game started things got pretty exciting. There were so many people watching us. They were cheering so loudly it was hard to hear the quarterback call the signals. At one point I missed part of the signal and ran too soon and caused the team to get a penalty. My boss made me sit on the bench. I felt badly because I like doing a good job.

I made up for it later. My boss let me back in the game and I caught the football in the end zone. The team was pleased with me. I felt great!

I really enjoyed all the exercise I was getting. Usually with most jobs I sit for long periods of time. This makes me lethargic and antsy. Sometimes it gets to me and I quit. I don’t want to. I means I don’t get paid. But like I said, today was different.

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