This Morning’s Phone Call From Obama

This morning I got a phone call from Obama. Here’s the transcript:

Brooks: Hello?

Obama: Is this Brooks?

Brooks: Um, yes, who is this?

Obama: This is President Barack Obama. I hope I haven’t woken you?

Brooks: Um, no, I’m still in bed. I was thinking about getting up. What’s going on?

Obama: Well, I found your number on former President Bush’s helpful list. He wrote, “Good to call if you’re stuck”.

Brooks: Oh, that’s very nice. He and I spoke now and then. I didn’t realize I was that helpful.

Obama: The reason I’m calling is I feel there’s a lot of things for me to do and not enough time in the day to get them done and I’m feeling tense.

Brooks: Oh, yeah, everyone gets that way. It’s just being frustrated. I’ve felt that way three times today and I haven’t even gotten out of bed.

Obama: Yes, you’re right. Still I don’t like the feeling. What should I do about it?

Brooks: It’s your wanting to do something about it that’s causing the frustration to last longer than it needs to.

Obama: Yes, but…Brooks: What if you were born with the feeling of frustration. Would you be aware of it?

Obama: I imagine I would not.

Brooks: There you go. Obama: Wait, but…

Brooks: Yes?

Obama: Nothing…Hmm, I’m feeling better.

Brooks: Good. I have to get up now and take a shower. Best of luck to you today.

Obama: Thanks. You too.

Brooks: Bye.

Obama: Bye.

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